We exist to include everyone in the story of redemption. We are a place for everyone.

The past, present, and future of The Gathering

Every Sunday morning the sound of jubilant singing complimented with the clapping of hands from families all across the Silicon Valley echoes through the gymnasium of our very own Edenvale Community Center. In the classrooms you can hear the pleasant sound of children laughing and teachers teaching as the future of the church is being assured by God’s Word.

The Edenvale Community Center is transformed into a Spirit filled environment where peoples lives are being changed by God’s Word. We would like to extend the invitation to you and to your family to join this community of faith, hope and love. We are a part of you and you are a part of us. We are a place for everyone.


Pastors Jesse Mendoza and Liz Mendoza

Lead Pastors, The Gathering

The Gathering Church

288 South 2nd Street.

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